Monday, March 1, 2010

Frida Collage-Altered Background

This is my first Frida collage. It feels good to be working on my collages again.

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  1. Hello! I'm a fellow migraineur/collage gal. I love your Frida collage. Have you seen the children's book about her by Ana Juan? The art is really beautiful. On one of the pages Ana says of Frida "She turned her pain into something beautiful." I have that pinned to my bulletin board. It helps on bad days.

    I'd love to interview you about art and healing for my blog, Magpie Girl. Stop by sometime and tell me what you think.


    BTW, I and found your blog thru the fake website on this site:[uniq_id]&pcrid=5317328313&gclid=CJ2-o9O9nqACFRks3god8FMwcQ

    It shows up on the first row in the second flash page. Random eh?