Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wreck This Journal-Ugly Drawing Page

I drew this zombie using an online tutorial and then I turned him into a contact paper transfer. I think zombies are ugly as a rule and the drawing of him is pretty ugly, too.

Then I needed something else ugly to go with him, and the page prompt said to use "poo." So that's where the zombie poop idea came from. I'm not sure if zombies actually poop, but this is what one would look like if they do.


  1. Okay, this IS accomplished it well!!! And I'm laughing at the zombie poop..including the "eye" of the "storm"!!! lol!!!

  2. Hi there - found this blog while searching for more zendoodles, and art form I've recently joined. So glad you are able to express your journey with migraines through art - I think I am embarking on a similar route with MS. Meet you somewhere along the way sometime...