Friday, August 21, 2009

Kokeshi Dolls

I drew a set of Kokeshi Dolls with Sharpies and then printed them on card stock. For the backgrounds, I used some origami papers that I thought looked like scenery. I originally intended to use vintage photos of geishas, but I think these drawings turned out cuter.


  1. Oh I agree...the Kokeshi Dolls are adorable!!! These are all unique but I am especially taken with the two on the left, top and bottom. Well done!!!

  2. these turned out very cool; I love everything about them; hair, kimonos, eyes, flowers, and especially the bird. I think drawing them makes them especially unique and totally awesome. C

  3. Sherry...I think those two are my favorites,t oo! Thank you for the compliments Sherry and C!