Monday, July 6, 2009

Retro Peaches

I made this collage using peach desert images cut from vintage women's magazines along with a peach recipe. The woman is a contact paper transfer and I used 1950's style scraps to change the color of her dress.

I initially wanted to add the following line on the collage "No matter how much Kathy tried to dress up canned cling peaches, which were her husband's favorite desert, she still found that she loathed them."

But Kathy turned out looking too sweet and I couldn't get the line to fit. I really hated canned cling peaches as a child and my mom served them a couple times a week for desert. They were one of those things you had to finish before you left the table.


  1. I remember canned cling peaches!! Though I was okay about eating them...but yes, you had to finish dessert before you could leave the table!! I preferred to canned peaches to the canned pears. Blah!! Now those things were awful!!!

    I think Kathy is perfect just as she is -- she looks like she'd slave in her kitchen to make peach melba or peach pie...with her blasted canned cling peaches!!

  2. I think Kathy has a bit of Martha Stewart in her. The other thing I couldn't stand as a kid was canned fruit salad!