Monday, July 13, 2009

The Big Shopping Trip

During the weekend, I did a big shop for collage materials in Ann Arbor. First, I went to Scrapbook Haven Ann Arbor's Premiere Scrapbook Store where I bought some lovely decorative paper and a handful of 7gypsies stickers.

Then I went to Kerrytown Market and Shops to visit Hollanders where they specialize in Decorative Paper and Bookbinding Supplies. I bought a pack of handmade decorative paper and a handful Zig Pens among other things.

Also in the Kerrytown Market is store called Found where they sell whimsical art and vintage treasures. This store was a gold mine of ephemera. They had different packs of collage fodder like a vintage secretarial pack and a cheaper by the dozen bag of vintage photos.

While I was paying for my things, I had a really nice conversation with a woman who was hanging out with the cash register clerk. She sells her collage cards there. She said her favorite collage tool was a bone folder to smooth things out, so of course, I had to run back to Hollanders to buy one.

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