Monday, April 20, 2009

Collage Element Hunting

Over the weekend, I went to The Ann Arbor Antiques Market and I scored big time on the collage element fodder. The market wasn't as big as it used to be though. It's held on The Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds and some of the big barns weren't even used, and there weren't as many tents outside as usual. It has to be the economy. Still, I found a lot of great stuff.

I found a gorgeous cabinet card photo of a woman for a dollar, along with a 1950's jewelry store envelope, and a vintage sweet sixteen greeting card with the cutest puppy on it. My favorite finds were a pair of Simplicity Sewing Patterns. I'm not sure what year they are from, but it looks like maybe the late 50's or early 60's. They were originally listed for 35 cents, and I got them for a dollar a piece.

After the Antique Market, I went to a place called The Scrap Box. "The Scrap Box is the place for creative recycling. You will find a large assortment of unique materials which manufacturers and businesses would otherwise send to landfills: remnants, samples, seconds, and scraps."

This place was utter chaos because they hold children's birthday partys there, so there were a ton of kids running around and screaming. Still, I found some good stuff like wallpaper remanents, old greeting cards and decorate foil. In the main room is the bulk stuff where you take a paper bag and cram everything you want in it.


  1. I have no clue where you live and the possibility that it is close to me is next to impossible...but I do wish I could have gone with you. Is it not the best feeling in the world to find those treasures. I am green with envy but happy for you. Take care and stay migraine FREE

  2. I wish you could have come with me, too. We would have had a great time! I live near Ann Arbor, MI, where all this stuff is located.