Monday, March 2, 2009

Quest for Ephemera

Over the weekend, I visited a local antique mall on a quest for antique photos and ephemera for my collages. I found three nice old photos that I really liked, including a spooky looking old house, a woman with a small child and a sweet girl dressed in a fancy dress with a big ribbon in her hair. Also, I found some old letters, one of which seems to be written from a man to a woman about a date at a hotel. The other letter I found appears to be written in Danish. It has cool stamps on the envelope with "Aerogram" written on the front.

Actually buying your items at this antique store is a bit of pain because they have to hand write a sales receipt to each vendor and when you have a handful of items it takes a while. I did have a nice conversation with the sales clerk at the counter though. We talked about the old photographs. I asked her what a cabinet photo was since I've been seeing the term a lot on EBay, etc. Apparently, they are thin photographs mounted on cards from around 1890.

I'm really starting to love these old photographs. I used to think they were all quite creepy, but once I started looking closer at these people's faces, I found myself wondering who they were and what further stories I could invent for them with collages.

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  1. I can spend hours sifting through old photos like that. I love to think of them as "instant relatives" when I bring them home. I have a few fantastic finds framed on my diningroom wall. I love when people ask who they are... Just make up a name that looks like them and poof! It's great aunt Elsa. Enjoy your hunting.