Sunday, March 15, 2009


I went to Hollanders in Ann Arbor yesterday for the first time. Hollanders is one of the leading and largest sources in the country for decorative papers and bookbinding supplies It’s located in Kerrytown, which I go to all the time in the summer and fall for the Farmer’s Market, but I wasn’t aware of Hollanders located in the mall next door until I started reading magazines on creating collages.

My first impression was that the store was like a card and stationary store, but upon further exploring it, I found room after room of handmade papers. Some of them were very expensive and works of art. They were so beautiful. In addition, I found lots of wrapping paper, art supplies, Dover books, ribbon, cards, journals, and photo albums.

Mostly, the store overwhelmed me. There were so many choices and I felt very out of my depth and I was keenly aware of what a beginner I am in the world of collage. I even felt like I didn’t belong. Then I told myself that everyone has to start somewhere right?

I ended up buying some magazines, a sheet of butterfly design paper, and some handmade paper packs. The staff was very nice. I would love to take a class there on collage, but it’s quite expensive and I would have to take time off work. Moreover, there is the fear of a bad migraine day happening the same day as the class.

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