Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost French

I stopped by one of my favorite used bookstores in Ann Arbor. It’s called Dawn Treader. I was looking for a used French poetry book for my collages. I wanted something inexpensive with yellowed paper.

I looked under the poetry section first, but I didn’t find anything. Then I headed to the foreign language section. There were several shelves of French books. Since I don’t speak French, I had no ideas what any of the titles read, so I had to pull each book out and flip through it.

While I was doing this, I saw a young woman join me in the same section to look at the books. She gave me a nice smile, and she had that collage student look about her. I realized that she probably thought I spoke French and that was why I was there. She probably had no idea that I was there for nefarious reasons which was potential booking chopping up for collages.

Still, I ran over the extent of my French, which is Bon Jour. It was fun pretending to know French for those few minutes before she left. I finally found an inexpensive book and bought it.

The above collage is what I used part of the book for. This is the first time, I've tried hand sewing something on a collage. Also, I used paper lace for the top.

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