Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Head-My Migraines-Me

I've had this image in my head for a while, about a mason jar representing my head and it's filled with migraines. I decided to use bald vintage doll head images for the migraines and then I got the idea to show how the migraines are trying to crowd me out if that makes sense. I found the vintage girl photograph at an antique store in Ypsilanti.


  1. I totally love that you have a blog for your collages b/c I absolutely think
    your collages are brilliant. I think this one makes total sense. I am sorry
    that your migraines are crowding your out. It's hard to keep our sense of
    who we really when migraines are such a part of our life. Parts of ourselves
    get lost. It's the hardest part of migraine; the impact it has on us and
    our lives. The collage reminds me of how migraines feel like your head
    wants to explode too. I like the butterfly, it's a glimmer of hope. I'm so
    glad you've started this blog. You're artwork is absolutely wonderful. Thank
    you for sharing, Carolyn

  2. I love your art and am so sorry you suffer from migraines. You might have visited my blog since I am a migraine sufferer as well and create ART somewhat like yours:). Have to check out your flickr as well. I am just coming off a 7 day looong migraine and can't wait for a few days "off". Take care

  3. It absolutely, totally, and completely makes sense! I love this image!! I'm glad I stumbled across you this morning - I found you by way of Zemanta. I just love that service!