Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clara's Little Friends

"Clara wished her migraine aura wasn't seeing her imaginary friends. While she was happy to see them again, she really didn't want her head to start hurting again."

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  1. When I first looked at this collage I gasped, and pulled back from the computer screen, as if looking at a scary film. The image of the woman with her hand to her head crying is almost unbearable. The painting of the terribly sad child is disconcerting. There are the aura friends; loyal, waiting. All in this dark, precise, sterile, room. And the flower stand, is reminiscent of a funeral and it's all overwhelming. Today when I looked at the collage again I am close to tears. It is gorgeous, there is so much amazing detail and there are stunning elements and vivid colors but the scene is haunting. Carolyn